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Cum Cura as point of contact for people confronted with sarcoma.

As a sarcoma patient, it is very important to strive for an optimal quality of life. Sarcoma CC wishes to support and promote this by gathering relevant information and support for patients, their loved ones and their : caregivers. We also offer testimonials by patients and their loved ones to show how other people handle the illness. If you are willing to expand this section by adding relevant information or testimonials, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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For sarcoma patients as well as their loved ones, we have listed all relevant information.
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Who are we?

Sarcoma Cum Cura is part of the umbrella patient organisation VZW Cum Cura for people suffering from rare malignant bone and soft tissue tumors, known as sarcoma.

Our goal is creating a true approachable caring community for and by patients and their caregivers, a supportive community for better and for worse.

Apart from offering information concerning these rare tumors, the VZW also wishes to support three target audiences being patients, family/loved ones and their (para)medical caregivers in order to facilitate peer support and to improve their quality of life. Scientific progress is closely followed, translated and spread amongst our target audiences.

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